Rhododendrons in Ardkinglas Woodland Garden

The Rhododendron collection at Ardkinglas was begun in the 1920's aided by the new varieties made available by the intrepid plant-hunters of that time.

Hybrids created by the Garden owners and contacts with other Rhododendron breeders and collectors meant that the range of species and varieties represented at Ardkinglas continued to increase throughout the twentieth century. The conservation and expansion of the collection continues today.

The growing conditions within the Garden, sandy loam soils, shelter and ample rainfall, match perfectly the requirements of many members of the Rhododendron family. Consequently, mature specimens of many species and hybrids including Rhododendron Augustinii and Rhododendron 'Polar Bear' are to be found at Ardkinglas.

Have a look at the Woodland Garden Calendar to see when the various species are in flower; the garden is open all the year round.