Garden Links

Garden Links

Glorious Gardens of Argyll & Bute

The group comprises 18 gardens varying in size, style and maturity, dating from the 13th to the 20th century. They are spread throughout the mainland of Argyll, often in dramatic scenery, and to the islands of Bute, Gigha, and Seil. 

Gardens of Argyll
Glorious Gardens of Argyll & Bute. The site offers information on gardens of varying size, style and maturity, spread throughout Argyll publishes details of gardens to visit throughout the world coupled with information on tours, design, products and history

Great British Gardens
Beautiful gardens to visit in Great Britain and places to stay nearby

The Tree Register
This site offers information on notable and ancient trees in Britain and Ireland using a unique database of over 150,000 of our most notable trees.

Scotlands Gardens
Scotland’s Gardens Scheme (SGS), a registered charity created in 1931, raises funds for other worthy charities by facilitating the opening of large and small gardens of horticultural interest throughout Scotland to the public.

British Conifer Society
Britain is a wonderful place for conifers and conifer enthusiasts. This organisation offers support and advice to all interested in the cultivation of conifers.

Scottish Rhododendron Society
The Scottish Rhododendron Society is a chapter of the American Rhododendron Society. They encourage enjoyment of the genus Rhododendron, by interesting you in the culture of rhododendrons and azaleas.

10 Tips for eco friendly Garden  Some very useful information on an eco friendly Garden.