The Gruffalo Trail

Visitors Comments

'Love love love the Gruffalo trail, kids love it too'

July 2017

'We loved the Gruffalo trail, we will be back'

April 2017

'Kids loved it! Never knew trees could be so interesting... and we saw a red squirrel'

April 2017

'Love the Scottish Gruffalo'

Feb 2017

'Lovely walk.  Gruffalo trail makes it interesting for kids lots of fun'

December 2016

'Excellent - apprecaite all the thought and hard work that has gone into this'

November 2016

'What fun, enjoyed everything about this place with the Gruffalo trail it's just brilliant'

September 2016

'Gruffalo is loved by our family, so this was a real treat to come to Ardkinglas'

Yorkshire - August 2016

'We loved this trail.  Perfect for our little adventureres to climb, exlore and have fun'

July 2016

'We loved finding the Gruffalo'

July 2016

The Gruffalo Trail

The short trail uses boards showing selected extracts from the Scots version of the famous book to link the story to the setting of this special corner of the Woodland Garden.

Who will you find in the woods?

Admission to the Woodland Garden including the Gruffalo Trail

  • £5 per person
  • £15 per family


Follow the signs from A83 to Ardkinglas Woodland Garden.
From the car park, the path leads along the hill 400m to the start of Gruffalo Trail.
Please pick up a Trail Map from the Mouse which will help guide you along the route.

About the Gruffalo Trail

Rathos Byres Forge, Edinburgh, were commissioned to make the Mouse and Gruffalo figures in galvanized steel and have produced exceptional examples of the contemporary blacksmith's art. This original approach works well alongside the metalwork gates and benches that the team at Ratho Byres Forge have previously designed for Ardkinglas. The lattice structure of the sculptures links in with the intertwining branches of the surrounding trees and magically captures the book's principal characters while allowing the children's imagination to bring them to life.

The project has been made possible by the enthusiastic participation of Magic Light Pictures, London, who licence the brand material and also the generous cooperation of Macmillan Children's Books and Black and White Publishing Ltd.